Ever notice how challenging it is to keep up with the ever-changing clothing sizes of all the children in your life?

Wish you could take advantage of those great end-of-season sales to stock up for next year, but confused about what size to buy?

Pint Size can help!

Simply enter the child’s weight, height, and birth date and
Pint Size takes care of the rest. It provides the child’s current sizes in many popular clothing brands.

Check the current list of clothing brands.

Next comes the real magic -- Using pediatric medical growth charts,
Pint Size then predicts when the child will outgrow their current clothing size. You can use Pint Size to predict what size your children will need for an upcoming holiday or special event so they will always be dressed to impress.

Pint Size also makes sharing this information easy so friends, grandparents, or anyone else you choose can get an easy-to-read shopping size guide for each child, by email, instant message or Facebook.

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