Pint Size is the brainchild of one of our partners, who was trying to find an app to help her predict the clothing sizes for her now 5 month old daughter. In the midst of her search she realized NO ONE had written an app to do this, in pieces or altogether.

So, she goes to her husband and says - you have a grad school buddy who does apps, can't the two of you write this app for me? Off the call goes and in a few minutes we're planning what the app should do, and a few months later the app has become a reality, Pint Size is launched.

Pint Size is based on medical science, taking the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization) research data on pediatric growth, and turning those predictions into sizing recommendations. The height and weight measurements you enter establish the current growth curve for your child, and knowing that Pint Sizecan read future weights and heights from that curve. And knowing those, it is possible to look up sizes on the size charts.

Pint Size relies on your entering accurate height and weights, as recent as possible to reflect the current growth rate of your child. These are S.W.A.G. (scientific wild ass guesses), so they try to use the best predictors we have today, but you know well your child is unique and will always through you some kind of curve ball, like hanging out at their current size longer than expected or having a spurt just after you bought those new clothes. But at least these guess are better than a dart tossed at a size chart or just following the age.

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