We encourage you to explore Pint Size, tapping away, but to help you get to the useful and fun stuff, here is a quick giude.

Pint Size Main ScreenStarting on the Main screen, each photo can be tapped or double tapped.

Most of the time you will single tap and it will open up the sizing features of Pint Size. You'll see those explained below, but you will do a few other things from this screen less frequently, but just as important as the sizing.

For the fun side, double tap your child, you'll be taken to a photo album where all the pictures you've taken or used in the app to record your child's growth history will appear.

But to get started you need to begin by adding your family and children. You do this by pulling down the Menu on the top left. From there you can also browse all the brands size charts, without size recommendations, and you can adjust a few settings for the app. The Info button on the top right will give you the overview of all of the screens.

Pint Size Child Size Predictions Screen
The Size Prediction screen is where you'll find the information you need for predicted sizes for any favorite brand from today to 12 months out.

Before you can get size predictions, you must enter a measurement, which you do on the Growth History screen. Once you have a measurement entered then you can go to the Brands screens to select a favorite brand or two or more just by tapping the green star on the Brand page. You'll also find that all the brands will show you the prediction for the current size of your child.

A measurement has both a height and a weight. The reason for both is that we grow at different rates for each and sometimes one will provide a better fit than the other.

Just tapping a favorite brand will bring up its sizes for your child for the next 12 months. And  if you go to the Chart screen the current selected favorite brand will be used to display sizes on the Growth Chart.

Select the blue and white detail disclosure button to see the size chart for each favorite brand.

If you want to share this information, the button on the top right will bring up choices to send the current size predictions to Facebook, Text Message, or Email.

Pint Size Brand Details Screen
When you want to see the size chart for a brand, just tap the Brands buttons located throughout Pint Size or you can tap the detail disclosure button for a brand.

Anytime you are viewing an individual child who has a measurement, the brand size chart will highlight, in red, the current predicted size(s) across all of the size charts for that brand.

Tap the Green Star to make this brand a favorite for your child, tap the Gold Star to remove this favorite brand from your child.

If you want to go to the brand's website to browse or shop just tap the Website button. Since we gather size chart information from each brand, there is a chance it may be out of date, so you can double check by tapping the Size Charts button.

Pint Size Growth Chart

The Growth Chart is the heart of the predictions, it will give you the Growth Curve (in White) that Pint Size has calculated for your child. Easily switch between Height or Weight Curves using the selector on the lower left.

The Growth Curve will always begin with the most current measurement. You will have that measurement plotted with a red dot, followed by 5 black triangles, representing the height and weight predictions starting with today and going out 12 months.

The Size Bands displayed on the chart are the sizes' weight or height range for the current selected brand. This will help you see how quickly your child may move through a size or how close they might be to the next size up. Each Size Band will have its Size displayed in red on the right side of the graph. It is not uncommon for a size chart to have overlapping sizes, Pint Size will show each of these when possible.

The Red and Golden Curves give you a range of possibilities for your child's growth, roughly 65% of the population will have a weight and height between these two curves. Combined with the information provided by the Size Bands you can make a better buying decision now and down the road.

You can narrow the chart timeline to 6, 12, or 18 months into the future, or look backwards to your first measurements plus 12 months forward, or see where your child may grow up to at age 20.

Pint Size Grwoth HistoryThe Growth History screen is where you can add, delete, or just review the growth milestones you've entered for your child. The measurements are listed from the most current on top to the oldest at the bottom.

Use the + button to access the measurement entry screen, where you can set the date, height, weight, and add a picture of your child for that point in time.

If you've made a mistake or just wish to delete a measure, simply swipe across the measurement and a Delete button will appear.
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