We thought you might appreciate some the things we came up with for how Pint Size could be used. This list is certainly not inclusive and if you have some other ways you might use Pint Size, please use the Contact Us page to tells us about it.
  • Buy this year's clothes at the end-of-the-season sales and have some great values in your childrens' wardrobes next year.

  • You want grandma to have the latest sizes for your children in their favorite (your favorite?) brands so she can buy them surprise gifts.

  • You're in the store and don't have a size chart handy and it's been awhile since you took a size measurement, Pint Size will give you an idea of what size to pull from the rack.

  • Your child has a special event coming up a few months down the road and you've found the perfect outfit, Pint Size will help you nab that outfit today with a pretty good chance it'll fit when the event arrives.

  • You're traveling to the United States and want to buy clothes for your children, but the US size chart measurements don't match yours - Pint Size will do the conversions and get you the correct US sizes. And once Pint Size launches size charts outside the USA, this will help everyone in the US when trying to buy clothes overseas.
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